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1st International Symposium on Merkel Cell Carcinoma – Moffitt Cancer Centre

The International Symposium on Merkel Cell Carcinoma is a first-of-its-kind educational program of thought leaders and active investigators in MCC brought together for the purpose of promoting scientific discourse and collaboration toward the goal of improved understanding of MCC biology, pathogenesis and therapy.

The symposium will be held on 21st & 2nd October 2019 in Tampa, Florida

46th Annual Scientific Meeting for the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia – Symposium on ‘Evolving Treatment Paradigms in Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC)’

Topics discussed at the Symposium will highlight the importance of the early detection, referral and treatment for Australian and New Zealand patient diagnosed with MCC. New treatments including immunotherapies and clinical trials opportunities will be presented.

To register your interest in attending the symposium, please email amigos@masc.org.au.

The symposium will be held on 12th November 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia


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Dinner session at Conrad Centennial Singapore tonight 6.30pm: An update of surgical, radiotherapeutic and systemic therapies and combinations for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers: from the common Basal cell carcinoma to the rare Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Register at amigos@masc.org.au.

Andrejz Dlugosz from Uni Michigan describes the first faithful Merkel cell carcinoma mouse model and derivative cell lines at 1st #Merkelcellcarcinoma Symposium in Tampa Florida. Huge advance for the field..

James DeCaprio gave a beautiful talk on how MCPyV STA activates LSD1 complex providing rational for LSD1 inhibitors in virus positive MCC.

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