Patient Advocacy Group

AMIGOs aims to empower the PAG to drive improvements in treatment and care for all patients suffering from Merkel Cell Carcinoma .

Want To Get Involved?


The Australian Merkel Cell Carcinoma Patient Advocacy Group was first convened in 2017, with MCC patients and carers attending. AMIGOs hope to empower the patient advocacy group to provide valuable input into development of treatments in MCC.

The patient voice is an important one to drive improvements in the treatment and care for this rare and lethal cancer.

To join the mailing list for the advocacy group, please email us via the link below.

What can I do?

Currently, MCC patients are not entitled to free PET Scans in Australia, unlike patients who have melanoma. AMIGOs have written to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to request that free PET scans might be provided through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for MCC patients. AMIGOs encourage patients to do the same!

For more information, please contact us.

Want To Get Involved?

Patients and carers may feel isolated due to the rarity of this cancer. There are many support groups listed on the support tab in case you require further information or someone to speak to.

If you are willing to get more involved actively in a volunteer role, we are seeking MCC patients, family members and carers to be involved in working as a patient advocate. For more information on the advocacy group, please email.

Social Media

The Australian Merkel Cell Carcinoma Patient Advocacy Group will soon have a closed Facebook group for patients, carers and family members to be able to connect.

For more information, please contact us.